We are a bit more than a design office

Pristine Robotics supports you from ideation through to the deployment of the solution tailored to your needs.

Audit and consultancy

We take the time to study your project and help you answer any questions you may have.

I want to integrate AMRs or AGVs into my industrial process.

Which supplier is best suited to my industrial model?

What are the real capabilities of the systems on offer?

Do they meet my needs?

I want to integrate robotics into the solutions I provide to my customers.

What development strategy should I follow?

Should I set up a team or go for external growth?

Should I form one or more strategic partnerships? And which ones?



  • Internal and supplier audit reports,
  • Recommendations and master plans.

Strategic support

We can help you implement your robotics strategy and develop the skills of your teams, with a wide range of services.

For all your projects, we offer a wide range of services

Advice on recruiting new profiles

Participation in recruitment by specifying the skills required

Call on our network of engineers and technicians to provide you with relevant applications

We can go even further for more ambitious projects

The complete structuring of a team of roboticists

Operational coordination of the development team

Management of the technical project

Training the customer on the chosen solution



  • Operational management,
  • Recruitment.

Robotics engineering

We offer design and integration services for mobile robotics.

Complete mechanical, electrical and software architecture

Design and production of demonstrators

Piloting fleets of robots

Preparing for industrialisation



  • Hardware and software architecture, CAD, BOM, source code, etc.